Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two weeks later

It's been two weeks since the earthquake and we're still feeling aftershocks.

It's been two weeks and things are beginning to return to some kind of "normal" up here. 

It's been two weeks and I still haven't been to Cap Haitien. I can't imagine how overcrowded it is now.

It's been two weeks since we last had EDH - I'm not hopeful that I'll ever have it again in the time that I'm here.

It's been two weeks and many people do not know if their loved ones are still alive or if they are dead and buried.

It's been two weeks and the search and rescue effort has stopped.

It's been two weeks since Haiti first made the top story of every newscast.

It's been two weeks and I'm still learning how resilient and strong the Haitian people are - they put the rest of us to shame.

It's been two weeks since I sat in my Creole class and felt the earthquake - not knowing how much this would change the lives of everyone in this country.

It's been two weeks - how has your life changed?


Rachel said...

Janelle - I love your blog. Keep it up, it is great to hear what is happening on a daily basis. Much love and support!! - Rachel

Cymru Community Foodshare said...

Hi Janelle - I hope you don't mind me writing to you but I am so desperate for news of a little girl that we sponsor. I have tried for weeks now to find some information but with no luck. She lives in Haut Limbe with her aunt and uncle, her name is Djenie Pierre and we sponsor her through the Haut Limbe Child Development Centre. I was reassured when reading your blog that Haut Limbe hadn't really been affected and so we are hoping that she is safe. My children are so upset as they exchange letters and pictures with her. We are all praying that she is safe - I know you can't possibly know her but any news you can share would be gratefully received. Yours in Friendship Michelle (from North Wales in the UK)