Thursday, January 7, 2010

Still Raining

It stopped for about 5 hours the other day when the sun came out, but it's been cloudy and rainy ever since. Argh!

In other news. I drove for the first time here yesterday... only a little ways, on the "good" road. I decided that driving through swimming pools in CapHaitien would not be a good first experience. It went fairly well. The reason that I have held off so long is that I'm not super comfortable driving a standard (that's all they have here) and there are so many things to pay attention to here - cars, trucks, tap taps, buses, semi's, motorcycles, people, potholes, goats, cows, chickens - all going wherever they please on the road. Once I can just focus on watching the road, and not worrying about shifting, things will go a lot better!

The container is still in Cap Haitien... we are hoping to hear the final amount ($) that it will take to get the contents released any day now. Oh happy day when that is over. Then the work of transporting and organizing begins!

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