Monday, August 29, 2011

What I did on my summer vacation.

Okay, so as indicated in my last post, we really are back! We spent a great 5 weeks in Canada and now are settled back into life here in Haut Limbe. What did we do in Canada? Well, let's see:
Cal's first photo in Canada - Toronto Airport, just after going through Canadian customs. He's still a little ticked that the customs agent "wrecked" his visa. Since he had a single entry visa, they cross it out with a red marker - real classy!

By the river after lunch at Taste of Saskatchewan

Watching a soccer game one evening on the beautiful soccer field.

Day out at McBride Lake fishing.

Going for a boat ride at Crystal Lake

At the zoo in Winnipeg.
  • After a 24 hour journey including 2 bus rides, 1 land border crossing, 1 taxi ride, 2 flights and 1 comfortable ride in my parents van we arrived in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan!
  • We spent 2 weeks in Saskatoon hanging out with my family, exploring the city, shopping and enjoying high speed internet and cable soccer stations (Cal).
  • For the long weekend we headed out to Norquay, Sk to the family farm to meet and visit a bunch more relatives and friends. Attempted to go fishing one day - ended up spending most of the day relaxing on the shore enjoying the beautiful day. Gave Cal the grand tour of Norquay (5 minutes) and spent a wonderful afternoon out at my cousin's cabin at Crystal Lake. Neither of us could bear to swim in the "cold, Canadian water" (we are spoiled here) but did enjoy some boating action.
  • Returned back to Saskatoon for a couple of days before heading on our Alberta tour which included Strathmore, Breton, Covenant Bay Bible Camp and Malmo. It was a lot of driving but so great to catch up with many friends that we had made from their visits to Haiti.
  • Came home to rest and wash clothes for 1 day before heading out to Winnipeg for a week! Spent time with Ben and Shauna (formerly of Haiti), went to the zoo, the Forks, and enjoyed a Stella's mexican breakfast. Visited still more relatives and friends and celebrated at Ben and Shauna's reception.
  • On the way back to Saskatoon, stopped in Minnedosa for a night to share with the church there.
  • Arrived back in Saskatoon to do last minute shopping, treat myself to a pedicure and have an early celebration of my niece's birthday.
  • Left Saskatoon on the afternoon of the 19th, flew to Toronto, then Montreal, slept a couple of hours and then flew to Puerto Plata in the morning. Attempted to take a taxi from the airport to our friend's house in Santiago - ended up taking 3 different vehicles arriving over 3 hours later. Spent the night in Santiago and then caught the bus to Haiti on Sunday morning and arrived back in Haut Limbe Sunday evening! It was a good long journey! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

We are back!

Yes, we are still alive! We returned back to Haiti this past Sunday after a great 5 week vacation in Canada. We had a good mix of relaxing, travelling and visiting and by the end, we were ready to return here. Thank you for all of your prayers for a safe journey for us!

I'll write more soon!