Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where did September go?

I can't believe that September is pretty much over! Where did it go? I guess this means summer vacation is over. University started earlier this month and primary and secondary schools will begin again next week. The sun is setting a bit earlier and the nights are "cooler". Yes, summer is over. It also means that things will start picking up again in terms of my work. We have 2 groups scheduled to come this fall - one at the end of October and another in mid-November. It'll be so exciting to see what work will be completed on the new hospital!

I was able to spend a few days this past weekend in Santiago, DR after recovering from a bit of illness. I'm almost 100% now, thank goodness. I would like to say that I relaxed in the DR, but really I didn't. I joked with my friend/host that I came to Santiago for stimulation - shopping, traffic, city life - I can rest when I'm in Haut Limbe! The main reason I went was to get my passport stamped to keep me legal, but in an added bonus I got to do some shopping for personal items, get a haircut, drive up to Puerto Plata, experience Dominican Church, realize how much of my Spanish language skills I've lost, watch cable TV, have ice in my drinks, eat salad and hand out with my friend Tammi. It was a nice break.

Now, back to work! 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

What has been going on...

September is almost half over - I can't believe it! It's seems like life is flying by here, although in the midst of it, time goes slowly. Here's a bit of what has been going on the past few weeks.
  • I finally got to Cap Haitian and got to eat some ice cream! I hadn't been there in over a month and consequently hadn't eaten ice cream in over a month - not good!
  • In Cape, I contemplated purchasing a new cell phone - my current one is basically the cheapest kind you can buy in Haiti - it used to do the job, but lately texts haven't been sending and I've been frustrated with it's ability to find signal. So, I thought I would take a look to see what I could find. Turns out, I'm not better at making decisions while shopping here than I am in Canada. There was very little selection at the Digicel Store, so I walked away empty handed. Maybe next time?
  • Dr. Manno has been busy at the clinic as Dr. Joselie is on holidays in the States. We are starting to plan for the projects that the groups will do when they come in just over a month!
  • Fellow Covenant Missionary and friend, Tammi Biggs from Santiago, DR was here the past week to spend some time here and in Port au Prince with Dr. Manno to visit the camps the clinic adopted.
  • We've had almost 24/7 EDH here for the past week. Turns out a neighbouring town, Acul du Nord or Lakil in Creole, is celebrating their saint this week. There have been parties all week and since the head of the senate comes from Lakil, we've had consistent electricity. It's going to be a bit of a shock when they take it away!
  • We fixed the internet in my office! Woohoo! Now I can come whenever I want and since I got a new laptop with a long lasting battery, I really can come whenever I want!
  • My rat problems are not over - I discovered a half eaten shoe this morning in my room. I certainly didn't eat, so the rat has been back. I'm going to be asking for a new door later today.
  • I drove for my second time in Haiti. This time it was Manno's truck which is an automatic. I survived the trip just fine, just had issues with a key that didn't want to come out of the ignition, power locks that have a mind of their own and power windows and seats that don't like to cooperate!
  • Bird/cat/house sitting went amazingly well. It never took me more than 3 minutes to get the parrots into their cages this time and they didn't escape!
  • I've started Creole class again as my teacher has returned from his visit to the US to visit his wife. I have now started the level 3 reader and get to read little stories which are basically Haitian proverbs in story form. 
  • Malen is back cooking in the kitchen. She was on vacation for August - I missed her!
  • Avocados in Haiti are huge! I love them and I try to eat one every day. Sadly, mango season is over. :(