Saturday, January 16, 2010

News Coverage

I just got back to the James' house after about and hour and a half of watching CNN and MSNBC at the neighbours. I was able to see tape of the 3 US presidents speaking - amazing. Hillary Clinton had just arrived and they kept saying that she would be speaking shortly, I really wanted to hear her but had to tear myself away for awhile.

While there, I was talking with Laurie (lifetime missionary here). Her son had just arrived back from Port au Prince last night after trying to find family. He reports of complete disorganization there, which is so frustrating. There is no coordinated effort. Unfortunately, aid agencies were waiting for direction from the Haitian government as to what the priorities are, which makes no sense to us. THE NEED IS NOW!! We cannot wait for direction from a government that was not functional before the quake, never mind now.

We both just threw our hands in the air asking, "Is anybody listening? Does anybody understand?". Only those who have been here before can truly understand how devastating this is. A city is destroyed. There is no future for anyone there. Where will they go if they do indeed survive until food and water arrive? Thousands of children have lost there parents. Any paperwork that was being done to place orphans before the quake is now lost. Where will these children go?

I know that watching the coverage is hard. But please watch it so that you may begin to understand the severity of this situation. Please.


nomadicnurse said...

Janelle... please continue to let us all know how to be a support when you can.

darrell and ray-ann said...

Janelle-thanks for keeping us up to date with your posts...we are praying for you, your mission and Haiti.
Nelson Covenant Church family