Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My guilty pleasure

When I lived in Canada, I was a big snacker. I was always grazing between meals. I could not make it from breakfast until lunch without a little something - crackers, granola bar, etc. And then after supper, I always had something before bed - cereal, popcorn, carrots, etc. I tried to not keep "junk food" at home like chips and such, but I ate a lot of small meals during the day.
Since moving to Haiti, I've broken the habit of snacking - it's just not really done here. Usually the meals are enough to fill me up and often times Cal and I don't really eat supper because we had a huge lunch (which is the main meal of our day) and we don't really have an appetite.

But, there is a snack food in Haiti that we do not have in Canada. It's called fritaj, literally - fried things! Often in the evening, Cal and I go down the road to Cece's and buy a little snack. Below you can see my favorites, marinad and banan peze (deep fried dough and twice fried plantains). Together with some pikliz (spicy coleslaw), this is the absolute best snack at a cheap price - 1 goud (about 3cents US) per piece of marinad! It's so not good for you, but I really don't care!

You can get other fried things as well - chicken, hot dogs, akra, sweet potato and if you are brave like Cal, chicken livers!

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