Thursday, June 14, 2012


Often times in the afternoon Cal and I make a trip to Limbe on the moto just to "get out of Haut Limbe" and go to the "big city"! Cal had gotten some work done on the moto, so we went to pick it up. I thought I'd take my camera along for the ride as well.

Driving to Limbe

Limbe River

Limbe River

Cal on the bridge

Other side of the bridge

They have been working on paving the market in Limbe! So exciting! It used to be a basically a big mud pit and hence why I rarely went shopping there. This will make things so much cleaner.

Yes, they do have a cement mixer in Haiti!

First Baptist Church of Limbe, at one end of the market.

Here is Fonkoze where we have our main bank account. Not only are they a bank, but they also provide microcredit to thousands of Haitian women. I like them a lot! Going there is a much more pleasant experience then waiting in the 2 hour plus lines at any other commercial bank in Haiti. Here, all the cashiers know us and get mad at Cal when he doesn't bring me with him! And who doesn't love a purple and orange building?

After picking up the bike, we decided to stop for a snack and a drink. Here's Cal enjoying his chicken.

You may be wondering why I'm all of the sudden posting more pictures? Well, our internet connection has greatly improved so it no longer takes 30 minutes to upload one photo! Whoo hoo! I'll try to keep posting pictures as long as the connection allows.

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