Monday, June 11, 2012

It's June???

Seriously, how did that happen? In December when I was looking at the calendar and all that would happen between then and now, June seemed like forever away, but here it is!

One week ago we put the last group on the plane for Miami. It was a successful and HOT week, reminding me again of why we don't host groups in the summer months. In spite of the heat, the group was able to help lay the concrete for a snazzy sidewalk from the entrance of the yard up to the clinic and fill SIXTEEN rubbermaid tubs of sorted needles and syringes in the depot! Woohoo! I will be forever grateful! After 2.5 years, the depot may finally be organized and useable!

So what am I doing now? Well, first we have been working on Cal's visa paperwork for Canada. He has an appointment at the Canadian Embassy for next Wednesday so that he can drop off his application. He gets to travel all the way there just to drop it off. And, if it is the same process as last time, we get to wait a week until he goes back to see the if he is accepted or denied. Please be praying for safe travel and for my nerves while he is away! Once he has his visa, we will be able to work on our future plans - to be announced at a later time. :)

Also, the clinic together with the local pastors are planning a spiritual retreat for sometime in July. I'm on the planning committee helping make some of those arrangements.

And before too long, we'll start looking at the schedule for groups for the coming year!

Other than that, I'm trying to stay cool - very challenging in 30 plus degree weather, with high humidity and limited electricity. But I'm surviving.

Oh, and the Europe 2012 Championship is on right now meaning that Cal has "important games" to watch everyday from now until the beginning of July. Yay for soccer!

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