Thursday, July 12, 2012

What I'm going miss. What I'm looking forward to.

As we've been preparing to leave Haiti, my mind is constantly thinking about things that I will miss here and what I'm looking forward to about living in Canada. Here are some of my thoughts.

I'm going to miss:
  • sunshine and heat
  • swimming in the warm ocean
  • eating fried fish and plantain at the beach
  • fresh fruit juice - orange, grapefruit, lime, papaya, passion fruit, cherry, mango, pineapple, etc.
  • eating fresh mangoes, avocados, bananas, etc.
  • greeting people with a kiss on the cheek
  • saying "amen" aloud during a church service
  • walking literally across the road to church
  • riding on a motorcycle
  • eating marinad and pikliz on the side of the road
  • the view from the top of the mountain behind our house
  • getting a pedicure for $5 or less
  • Haitian coffee
  • holding hands while walking/talking
  • showing other Canadians life in Haiti
  • always having people around
  • having someone to do my laundry and cook for me during the week
  • cheap cell phone minutes!
  • listening and dancing to kompa
  • drinking Coke out of a glass bottle
  • being a few hours drive from the Dominican Republic
  • relaxed pace of life with the emphasis on relationships
  • sleeping with just a sheet to cover
  • hearing the roar of cheers when the electricity comes on or when Brazil scores
  • warm rain
  • seeing 4 plus people riding on one motorcycles
  • walking everywhere
  • sitting on a porch and visiting

I'm looking forward to:
  • driving my car on smooth roads
  • being about to go to a restaurant or movie
  • 24 hour electricity
  • 24 hour running water
  • drinking water from the tap
  • not tasting or smelling chlorine
  • having a desk with a comfortable chair to work at
  • comfortable chairs in general!
  • strawberries, apples, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, apricots, etc
  • eat fresh raw vegetables!
  • cooking and being able to buy meat easily 
  • a fridge that is always cold
  • reliable, fast internet
  • sleeping with a blanket
  • understanding an entire church service
  • watching the news
  • hot showers
  • knowing cultural norms and expectations
  • being able to use a debit card and not always carrying cash
  • grocery stores with more selection than a small convenience store
  • ice in drinks!
  • the occasional latte or cappuccino
  • affordable cheese
  • walking on roads/sidewalks without constantly looking where I take a step
  • clean toilets with running water and toilet paper
  • clothes that aren't stretched from hand washing and bleached from hanging in the sun.
  • shopping for new clothes!
  • "running errands" and being able to accomplish what I set out to do
  • not hearing roosters, dogs or music at all hours of the night
  • always finding gas at the gas station
  • Christmas with snow and a Christmas tree
  • Thai and Indian food
And lastly, it is our family and friends that we will miss most from Haiti and at the same time we are most looking forward to being near our family and friends in Canada!


Marlene said...

What a wonderful post, Janelle. Some of us from Surrey may get over to Haiti someday so that gave me a good glimpse of what to expect. Enjoy being back in Canada. Stop in and greet your old friends at GT sometime.

Marlene said...
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Janelle said...

Hey Marlene! I'm so excited that Green Timbers is hoping to come here! Too bad I won't still be here to host you. :( I hope that Cal and I can get over to the west coast and see you all!