Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In the last month, part 2

  • 1 week spent in bed recovering from GI issues
  • 1 anniversary dinner and night in Cap Haitian
  • 1 trip to the Dominican Republic
  • 3 trips to the dentist for Cal in Santiago - 1 tooth extraction, 1 root canal and 2 fillings
  • 3 different medications taken by Janelle to resolve GI issues.
  • 2 trips to the doctor for Janelle in Santiago, plus lab tests.
  • 1 diagnosis of lactose intolerance for Janelle (so happy to know!)
  • 1 flat tire on the way home from Santiago
  • 2 successful border crossings
  • 5 folks from Faith Covenant Church hosted for a week in Haut Limbe!
And coming up...
  • host 8 folks from Surrey at the end of May
  • Cal applies for a Temporary Resident Visa for Canada
  • make plans for summer trip to Canada
  • try not to melt from rising temperatures and humidity!

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