Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Update

The cholera situation is not improving.

Last night, the CTC received over 30 children from a local community school who appear to be suffering from cholera. It is suspected that the water at the school was contaminated. Please pray for the children and that we can discover how the water source became infected.

Up until this point, few people from the community of Haut Limbe had contracted cholera - this is hitting much closer to home. Many of you who have visited Haut Limbe will know or recognize the children who are affected.

Thank you to all who have already contributed financially to cholera relief. If you are still interested in giving, click here for instructions.


Leanne said...
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afternoonsncoffeespoons said...

Oh, no! :(
I'm so sorry to hear that, Janelle. I'm hopeful that, in recommending your blog in my own blog, some more readers might be inspired to help out in any way they can!

Triscuit said...

I know Samaratan's Purse is in Haiti I am not sure where they are working but I know that have a water filter system that they set up in places. Maybe you could get a hold of them to help? This web link will take you to video of how the filtration systems they build work and also to the Turn on the Tap part of the Samaratan's Purse Ministries. Also below is the link about their work in Haiti. Hope it helps! Even if you can't get a hold of them maybe we could fundraise for you to build units like what they make?