Monday, August 27, 2012

In Canada!

Hi All!

Yes, we did make it to Canada - sorry for the silence. Cal and I arrived in Saskatoon on August 10 at about midnight after a long day of travel - delayed flights, rushing through customs and security and catching all of our flights.

We left Haiti the first week of August and spent a week with friend and fellow Covenant missionary, Tammi Biggs, in Santiago. It was a great transition week for us. We were able to enjoy some of the things the DR has to offer, relax with friends, watch the Olympics and enjoy some good Dominican food before heading to Canada.

We've been here two weeks now and have enjoyed time here with my family. I've been keeping myself busy by teaching myself Haitian cooking. Cal says that I improve each time I make something, so I guess I'm on the right track.

We will be in Saskatoon for the foreseeable future so we ask for your prayers as we continue to transition, dealing with culture-shock (Calvin) and re-entry culture shock (Janelle), and as I begin seeking employment in Winnipeg.

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