Monday, January 17, 2011

Just when you thought things couldn't get any stranger...
Last night, shortly after 6 while I was eating a delicious supper of pizza with Calvin, news came over the radio that Jean Claude (Baby Doc) Duvalier had landed at the airport in Port au Prince. Baby Doc had been sent into exile 25 years ago to France. Read the story above for more background.

Nobody knows what this means or why he is here. What is more fascinating to me, is to hear people talk about the "good old days" of his dictatorship. They remember having electricity, good roads, schools, no inflation and "stability". How sad it is that democracy has driven this country into more despair rather that pull it out.

Haitians will be watching closely to see what happens. I'm praying that things will remain peaceful - especially since I'm planning a short trip to the DR on Wednesday to do some wedding preparations!

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