Friday, August 6, 2010

Since Being Back...

I've been back in Haiti for 2 weeks and just realized that I haven't posted here to let you all know that I did indeed make it back here safely. Yep, I'm back and the trip went relatively smoothly. I had a few moments in Fort Lauderdale when I thought I wouldn't get to fly out because a tropical storm was due to approach south Florida, but we made it out even if we were a bit delayed because US Customs' computers were down (for a moment I thought I was already in Haiti!).

What's been happening since I've been back?
  • I celebrated my 30th birthday with my Haitian friends and family with pizza, popcorn, lots of ice cream and a couple of trips to Cap Haitian.
  • I said good bye to Shauna who has finished up her time in Haiti and is on her way back to Canada.
  • I endured the many comments of "ou gwo" or "you're big" after eating a North American diet for 3 + weeks. Being told "ou gwo" is actually a huge compliment in Haiti, but I don't think North Americans will ever be able to take it that way.
  • I've been to 4 futbol games so far. Now that the World Cup is over, the regular futbol leagues have commenced and everyday around 4:30 or so, life stops to go watch a match at the neighbouring town.
  • I've been enjoying my new Dell Laptop with 8 hour battery life to watch a Friends episode or two in the evening when there is no electricity.
  • and finally... Wyclef Jean is running for President of Haiti??? Not too sure what I think about that one yet.

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