Wednesday, June 16, 2010

May/June Update

I know that May has be over forever and June isn't over yet, but I wanted to get this update done now because tomorrow 13 visitors will descend upon our house and they don't leave until 2 days before I come back to Canada.

The past couple of months have flown by in some ways. The first week in May, Shauna and I were given a gift of a vacation in the Dominican Republic. It was so wonderful to get away, relax, spend time at the pool and just be for awhile. We spent most of the week up in Puerto Plata, and then spent the weekend in Santiago with our friend Tammi so we got the chance to do some much needed shopping, etc.

We returned to Haiti with Beth, who has visited Haut Limbe a couple of times before. She came primarily to implement the new patient database at the clinic. She was successful and the archive workers are now using the computer database to find patient files!

The last week of May I became ill. At first Dr. Manno thought it was just severe dehydration, but when I got a fever, we decided it was likely malaria. Boo! So I ended up being housebound for 2 weeks to recover. I'm feeling much better now and am thankful for all your prayers for a quick recovery.

This past Sunday and Monday I traveled to Port au Prince with a team from the clinic to do two mobile clinics and to gather pictures and stories of the work that the clinic was able to do there through the generous donations of people in Canada through the ECCC and other donors as well. It was a long two days, but worth the trip. I'm currently writing a report of what I saw and will likely post it soon for you.

Tomorrow, a group of 13 arrive with Randolph World Ministries. They will be doing some lab work at Ebenezer Clinic as well as some other clinics in the area. It will be a full house for the next little while! While they are here, I will be preparing for my trip to Canada and making sure things are in place for when I am away.

I will leave for Canada on June 28. I will be in Saskatoon and Norquay until July 5. After that, I will head to Winnipeg to see friends and family and go to the Winnipeg Folk Festival. I will likely head back to Saskatoon on July 12 where I will stay until I return to Haiti on July 22! I look forward to seeing many of you while I am there - let me know if you would like to get together!

Until I leave, a few prayer requests.
Pray for the group that is arriving tomorrow that they will have a safe and healthy time here.
Pray for the clinic staff that are working hard to provide care.
Pray for me as I continue to recover from illness so that I will be healthy for my trip to Canada.
Pray for me as I begin to make decisions as to if I will stay in Haiti past November.

Thanks again for all of your prayers and support!



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