Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finding a schedule

Making a schedule is very hard to do here. I'd like to have some sort of pattern to my life here, and maybe I am slowly getting one. Usually in the morning I come to the "office" to check email and such - it regularly has electricity in the morning. Then I wander over to the clinic for a bit to see what is happening. Today is vaccination day, so there are lots of babies and small children around. Around 1 or so I have lunch. I think will try to study Creole this afternoon before I have an appointment at 3 and then Creole lessons at 5. Yes, I did find my Creole teacher and lessons have been going very well!
I believe that tomorrow we go on mobile clinic, so I will be gone most of the day and get to see some new country!
I purchased my first cellphone the other day! I'm still trying to figure out how it works here. Everyone think i'm crazy that i've never had a cellphone before!

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Rachael said...

All the way to Haiti to get a cell phone - I love it! Thinking of you . . .